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Monday, July 25, 2005

Here’s the thing:

The head of the Metropolitan police in London says that more innocent people might be shot accidentally by armed coppers as they hunt for the remaining bombers. That’s comforting.

There’s a good account of what happened to the man mistakenly shot by the police at Stockwell tube on Friday, in Monday morning’s Times. You can read it yourself right HERE.

There are a couple of worrying things in this account of what happened. Specifically, eye witnesses said there was no verbal warning to the man, even though they claim they shouted. And even more worrying, the Brazilian man had been recently mugged in the same area, which could explain why he was running away from these plainclothes policeman.

Maybe you can tell, but I find all of this very unsettling.

I’ve got longish hair, a beard and I’m half Italian, perhaps I could be mistaken for a terrorist. Also, I carry a backpack frequently. If anyone yells stop at me, I’m hitting the deck double quick and hoping they don’t blow my brains out. You know it makes sense!

Even better, I’m staying off the tube and buses as much as possible. I'm really glad I've got my little Yaris!

When I moved to London, nearly 15 years ago, I could never have imagined this city turning into a warzone. Life’s full of surprises.

I wish the Al Qaeda cunts would just fuck off. From this point on, I shall be referring to them as the AQC (Al Qaeda Cunts) because that’s what these scumfuckers are. I hate them, but that’s OK, because they hate me and my immoral western values even more. It all balances out!

I’m still waiting for someone to declare a fatwa against me. If the jihad ends up on my doorstep, I’m ready…to run! I like my ass where it is, attached to the rest of me.

I’m having a rather dull and uninspiring evening at work, which I’m sure is of little interest to all of you. Tough. I’m bored and boring you at the same time, how’s that for multi-tasking.

It’s my third night of four, so one more to go. I can’t wait until Tuesday morning, when I’m finished.

My poor little 4-month old kitten has it the worse than me, she’s been cooped up in my living room for 22 hours a day while Mrs. H is away. She was positively insane when I arrived home on Sunday morning, literally bouncing off the walls. I feel really sorry for her, but I don’t have any other option. I wish I could bring her to work with me, but obviously that’s not an option. She’s far to crazy to go anywhere!

Mrs. H is back on Weds evening, which means I’m off and on my own on Tuesday night, so it could be party time, hippy stylie. I could finish off the last of my secret, totally illegal shroom stash….? We’ll see.

Fucking hell, I’m yawning my head off and I still have around 4 hours to go.

Remember kids, don’t envy me for my glamorous media lifestyle, envy me because I’m stoned all the time!
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