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Friday, July 29, 2005

Hey fuckers!

As threatened, I’m at work and ready to bore you to tears. Have you got your tissues ready?

And why shouldn’t I bore you? I’m bored myself, nearly rigid. I’m checking for a pulse at regular intervals, just in case I died and no one told me to go lie down.

Weird day in London today, but that’s because it was a Thursday. Thursday is the day AQC’s try to blow up our transport network. Or so they say.

It was 3 weeks ago that the AQC’s scored a direct hit and killed a shitload of people. It’s one week since they failed to repeat their actions. Thursday’s the day, so think the authorities.

This week, when Thursday rolled around, the old bill were ready for them. They had around 6,000 police (2 x shifts of 3,000) on patrol at all major transport stations. About ½ the cops were armed, which is very rare here, where mostly the police carry truncheons and wear funny hats.

The overtime bill for the police on Thursday? Reportedly, ½ a million quid. That’s around $750,000 US, if you prefer. Fucking hell. How long can they keep this up?

Central London is not a ghost town, but any one who can avoid a journey on a bus or a tube train, is doing just that. It’s the poor schlubs who need to go to work every day that are still taking public transportation. But the shoppers and lunchers and site-seers, are all staying home.

Who can blame them? If you are like me, and you like your ass attached right where it is, you’d want to avoid trains, buses and the like.

They say the AQC’s will strike again, they don’t know where or when. Comforting. I’ll sleep easy today!

We live in the future. The future is now. This is what life in the big city has become.

Have you every seen the Terry Gilliam film, “Brazil”? If you haven’t, you should. In it, terrorist bombs become everyday occurrences, to the point where people don't blink an eye when one goes off.

Is London becoming what was predicted in that dystopian view of the future?

I fucking hope not.

These are depressing times. I’m tired of all of it. All things considered, I’d rather be on drugs. Thankfully, most of the time I am.

Oh and if you haven’t read my previous, recent posts, I’ll decode AQC for you.

AQC = Al Qaeda Cunts. I’m hoping it will be in common usage in no time.

See ya fuckers.
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