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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hey fuckers. This is a flying visit.

I'm logged on via my iBook, surfing wirelessly from my sofa. Dig it!

Apple did it to me again, less than a week after receiving my lovely new iBook, they've updated the line. Grrrrr, they did the same with the iMACs, only that time it was 6 weeks or so and not a few days. I got one of the last of the 1.2mhz versions of the 12" model. So it goes.

Whether its 6 days or 6 months, everything electronic you buy is out of date at some point. As long as it does what you want it to, it doesn't really matter. There will always be something cheaper, snazzier, better on the horizon, arriving in the shops sooner than you expect.

Ok, I am a little pissed off, but what can you do. If I'd know it was coming, I would have waited. But I didn't. Its still a great little laptop.

This is my first entry from the iBook. It's more comfortable than I expected. I ordered the iLap yesterday and when it comes, it will be even more comfy. Mrs. H is surfing on the iMac right now, we're a 2 computer family.

I spent a good portion of today cleaning out my conservatory. It's a evil little glass room at the end of my lounge, which until this morning was full of crap, dead plants and other assorted detrious. My little kitten, who's not so little any more, tore the place apart. She even manager to pull down the ceiling blinds and the wooden beam they were attached to.

You can't underestimate the damage a 4 month old kitten can do when it sets its mind to it. Fucking hell. It's a damn good thing I smoke tons of strong dope, or I might have gotten upset.

You can't get upset with the cutest kitten in the world, can you?

When the beam came down, it smashed some glass and ceramic items, including plant pots. She also pulled a couple of big dead plants apart. The floor was covered with dirt, twigs, broken glass and bits of ceramic. I filled 2 black bags with shit, I cleaned it all up, replaced the beam, fixed the blind and generally made it a lot more cat-friendly.

Go hippy go!

She was left alone quite a bit, while I was sleeping during the day and working at night and Mrs. H was visiting her family. Kittens don't like to be alone, which is why she has been so destructive. I'll share some of the blame with my little cute kitten. It's only fair.

I had a very dull night last night, Tuesday. No drugs (except for spliff, of course), no hookers, strippers, or women of easy virtue. I watched tv and had some of my favourite Malaysian takeaway. Yummmm. I didn't even shroom. I was too tired to do anything like that.

I didn't do much beyond cleaning the mess out of the conservatory, I changed the linen on the bed and washed the sheets and towels. I'm well trained. I had loads of other things I was planning on doing, including a pile of paperwork on my desk, but I didn't get to it. That's not good..

Why? I'm back at work tomorrow night for 4 fun-filled evenings of doing next to nothing. I do get paid though, which is my main motivation. It doesn't leave me much hippy time though.

And check this out, I'm pretty much working 4 on, 3 off from now until September.

Money, good, lack of free time, bad.

Anyway, no doubt I'll be back tomorrow night with another one of my ultra-dull posts from work tomorrow night. Go on, keep hitting refresh until I do. That way you can be the very first hippyfan to dig it!
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