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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hey hey, my my, I really wish I was fucking high!

I'm at work, moan moan, bored and just killing time. I've got about 2 hours remaining and the clock just ain't moving quick enough.

I think I've been repressing my feelings about the bombs in London. That's what I do with particularly disturbing stuff. Perhaps its starting to sink in finally.

I've listened to some of the eye witness acounts of what happened, and one guy I saw on tv really woke me up to the absolute horror that was the underground on Thursday. His description of the carnage that confronted him in the immediate aftermath of the blast was enough to put me off taking the tube, ever again.

Now, I know that's quite silly. I live in London, the tube is the only quick way to get around, especially in central London and especially on weekdays. I'm not really in a position to say I'll never take the tube again, but I could certainly try.

I hate the tube on the best of days. I'm a touch claustraphobic and a packed, rush-hour train, like the ones that went boom on Thursday, is my worst nightmare. When I'm on a train that's delayed in a tunnel, even briefly, I start to tense up.

The idea of being trapped in a tube train, wedged between people, packed to the walls, in the dark, following an explosion, waiting to be evacuated is enough to make me shit my goddamn pants!

Like I said, it's sinking in.

I did quite enjoy Friday night's eviction on Big Brother. Yes, this hippy is a BB fan, in a big way. Especially this year. Maxwell was thrown out and that made me happy. Well, happier.

I didn't like him from the start and I won't waste your time explaining why. If you're that interested, check out DigitalSpy, for more details than I could possibly provide. He was a lout, a loser and a smug git. Bye bye Maxwell, you're now literally "off the hook".

And please, to all you glossy magazine editing shit-for-brains cunts, do not give Maxwell and his fat-assed bint, Saskia any money for their stories. They don't deserve it!

Shit, I've got some work to do. Catch ya next time, my fucking fuckers!
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