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Monday, July 18, 2005

Hey, hey…it’s the northlondonhippy!

Who were you expecting? The king of fucking Siam?

I’m at work, yawn, yawn, not much cookin’ here, so I’m bored. And when I’m bored, I inflict my views on the wider world through this very blog. How cool is that?

Depends on whether or not you are down with the hippy!

It’s now Monday 18th July 2005, which is the day my beloved fresh magic mushrooms become a “class A” substance here in the UK. It’s a sad day indeed and I’m missing them already.

As I said, I didn’t place one last order prior to the ban. I may consume the bit I have at home, though I expect they have since lost their potency. For me, shrooms are now a mere memory. Boo hoo, boo hoo, boo fucking hoo!

Maybe the ban will be lifted. Maybe not. Time will tell.

I’m waiting for my iBook. Not now, obviously, since I’m at work, but I had an email from Apple, saying it was shipped out on Friday. It could, conceivably come as early as today (Monday) though I expect Tuesday or Wednesday are more likely. Tuesday would be cool, since I finish work on Tuesday and I’m not back until Friday night. That would give me more than ample time to get it up and running.

I don’t really have that much to say tonight and I’m feeling a tad down for no good reason. My dearly departed father has been on my mind, as has my mother. I don’t know why.

I hate it when I’m low for no good reason. It’s dull. It’s boring. It’s tedious. I really wish I had some hard drugs to improve my mood, but I’ve asked around and no one has any to share. The greedy pigs! They are hording all the good drugs for themselves.

The heatwave here in London continues and I think that it’s messing with my sleep. I don’t think I’ve actually had a good, deep sleep in over a week. There’s no sign of the temperature breaking anytime soon and it’s only the middle of July. I expect August will be even worse!

I think I’m going to sign off now. Actually, I’m sure of it. If I think of anything clever or entertaining to say, I’ll bop on back, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Catch ya next time my beloved hippyfan fuckers!
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