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Monday, July 11, 2005

It's nearly 10am north London time, I'm home, awake and blogging already. Who says this hippy is predictable?

I thought I would treat all my loyal hippyfans to a little blast of my terrific prose. How lucky are you?

I was planning on meeting my younger brother for lunch in central London today, but we've decided to cancel. Yes, we are letting the terrorists win and I'm missing out on some gorgeous smoked BBQ meat. It truly is a sad day.

I'm actually not feeling great, which is why I decided not to go, but I will admit that the transport difficulties also are playing a part in my decision and my brother's. Even Mrs. H had a lousy drive to work today and she doesn't go into the center. It took her three times longer than usual to get to her office.

And because the they weren't suicide bombers, the authorities think another attack is likely sooner rather than later. The perps are still on the loose, so keep your eye out for any suspicious behaviour and report it to the coppers straight away!

So is London a warzone now? Hardly, you only need to look at Baghdad to see the difference. In Baghdad, attacks and suicide bombings are a regular, nearly daily occurrence. In London, it's nothing like that....yet.

So is this the trend of the future? A simple trip to work can put your life at risk. Maybe. I'm glad I drive most of the time now.

With all this talk about death and destruction, shouldn't we all be taking lots of hard drugs and having sex with strangers? Isn't that the sane response to an insane situation? Perhaps its just me then.

Life is too short, kiddies. Now there's an original observation if ever I read one. And its getting shorter by the day.

I don't do hard drugs any more and I don't know any strangers. That leaves me a bit stuck.

I could start doing hard drugs again. The only thing stopping me is me.

And of course I don't know any strangers, that's the whole point of strangers! You don't know them!

What a fat load of shit this entry is turning into. You started out strong hippy, with purpose and direction, but look at you! It has turned to poo!

Maybe blogging in the morning, just after I wake up is actually a pretty crap idea. Sorry for wasting your rather valuable surfing time.
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