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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Like yo. Fuckers! Howsit hangin’?

Mine doesn’t hang, it always stands up rigid, but then I live next door to a Viagra factory and I inhale a lot of the fumes. Watch out, or I’ll take your eye out with it!

How about a big round of applause for the police? Betcha never thought you’d read that from me, but even I’m impressed with the results of their hunt for the failed bombers of 21 July.

All four of the suspects are now in custody, 3 of them here in the UK and one in Rome. Well done coppers! It was an impressive bit of police work. You’ve all done so well, that you can take tomorrow off and leave all of us drug users alone for a day!

Not that you actually hassle us that much, especially in London and especially for spliff. You should really stick to the genuine criminals, like these AQC bombers and not us poor innocent patrons of the chemical arts!

And if you forgot, AQC = Al Qaeda Cunts. I hate them. They are scumfucking cunts of the worst order. Go on, I’m still waiting for that fatwa. Declare a jihad on my ass, I fucking dare you! Cunts!

But the fun’s not over, not yet anyway. If you believe the experts and you should, since they are experts, they say there are more AQC folks ready to blow up more bombs. I hope not.

The truth is, you’ve got more of a chance being caught in a security alert on the tube than getting blown up. The scares will continue, let’s hope the bombing doesn’t.

I missed delivery of my iLap on Friday morning, the postman rang twice before I got home from work. That’s ok, as I’ll swing by the post office on the way home and collect it. That means I might do a bit of surfing from bed, before drifting off to sleep. That would be very cool.

Other than that, it’s been a tad busy here in the “smile factory” and it’s only in the last ½ hour that things have settled down. I’m about 6 hours away from my departure, which means I’ve been here for 6 hours already. Don’t envy me for my glamorous media lifestyle, envy me because I’m high almost all the time!

Except right now, I’m stone cold sober. Yawn, booo, hiss!

I’d love to sit here and type my special brand of drivel all night, but I should pretend I have some work to do. Maybe catch you tomorrow my beloved hippyfans and fuckers alike!
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