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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Thanks for the advice, meshman. I've tried what you suggested and it's still not perfect, but it is better. It's a problem with Blogger and it started when they did their last update.

If they were easier to contact, I would point the problem out to them. Oh fuck it, I will anyway. They should be told!

I'm still recovering from my 2 night guest appearance at work and feeling decidely sluggish. I'm back on Thursday night, so it's not much of a break. Then I'm off for about a week and then the real fun begins. I'm doing loads and loads from the middle of this month until September. I'm not complaining, it will be good to make some real money.

I'm thinking of buying an iBook. Yes, I'm now officially Apple-mad. I've got my eye on the 12" model, though haven't completely discounted the 14" version. There's a £200 difference between the 2 and all your getting for the extra money is a slightly larger screen (at the same res), a slightly faster processor and a superdrive that can burn DVDs. The 12" model will burn CDs, so I don't think I can justify the price difference. I need to look at the both and see what I think, so a trip to the Regent Street Apple shop is definitely in my short term future.

I'm not going to be buying it that soon, perhaps in the next month or 2. It's got wi-fi built in, so it will connect to my wireless network without any fuss. It looks like a decent machine.

I did look at the PowerBooks as well, but they are quite pricey and I really don't need all that, since I already have my G5 iMac for the heavy duty stuff like recording music and editing DV video.

The iBook would be a luxury, I'm the first to admit it, but it would be a cool one. I could surf and write around the house, plus I could take it places. I could even find wi-fi hotspots around London and around the UK and around the world and it would be just so fucking cool.

I want one!

And I still want an iPod. They've just launched the updated 20 and 60gb models, both with colour screens. Very tempting.

Welcome geek-fuck-wit corner. Sorry, I really should be writing about drugs.

I love drugs and drugs love me. Dig it, fuckers!

I'm stoned right now. I'm always high. When people occasionally ask me if I'm stoned, I always reply, "no more than usual". Even when I sober. I'm rarely sober.

Turns out, the government cut out some really important bits of some paper on the results at their efforts to curb drug use. That's ok though, because some decent, thinking person who works in Whitehall was kind enough to leak it to the media.

In this report, it turns out that all the efforts made in the "war on drugs" have had no effect on the supply or use of drugs. Actually, I take that back, the cost of hard drugs like crack and smack has gone down while the purity and availability have gone up, up, UP. Likewise usage, which has also gone up.

Rather than being a twat and trying to summarise it for you, here's a handy link to the Guardian's take on the subject. Dig it, fuckers!

Here's the most telling bit, which I will quote directly:

"It says that more than 3 million people in the UK use illicit drugs every year and compares the 749 deaths annually from heroin and methadone with the 6,000 deaths from alcohol abuse and 100,000 from tobacco."

There's only one conclusion to draw from all of this and that's a simple one. Legalise everything! Tax it, control it, but take the profit away from dealers and watch the world change!

If drugs cost the same in London as they do in say Bogota or Kabul, your grannie wouldn't be getting mugged for her pension money. Do you like your car stereo? Want to keep it? Make drugs legal and cheap.

I'm happy to pay tax on my weed. I'd love to be able to walk into a shop and buy it with my hippy head held high!

How cool would that be, if London became like Amsterdam and you could enjoy a spliff and a cappucino in a nice cafe with your mates. Dare I dream the dream?

For now, no. I don't see it happening anytime soon. This silly government is even discussing reclassifying cannabis from the recently downgraded "C" back to "B". Pointless, utterly pointless.

But if that's the direction their moving in, then legalisation becomes less and less likely and tha blows big time.

Oh and here's a weird one for all of you to ponder...why in the world would someone look at 600 pages of my blog in one rather brief sitting?

Someone in Taiwan loaded 602 pages of this very blog in the span of about ten minutes. How weird is that?

I can only imagine someone hoovered up my entire blog, I just can't imagine why.

So if you're the mystery user that is so keen on me that you can't get enough, please get in touch. You can get me at

I mean, shit, I know I'm totally diggable, but 602 pages is just a bit too wild for me! Perhaps they want to be the number one hippyfan, or even weirder, my first internet stalker!

no probs - its MUCH better now - what is the real issue tho - id have thought that it was sorted now ??
there are a few issues with the software and there were a few workarounds - these were listed on a help page i saw today here :-
keep taking the drugs :)
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