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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yipppppeeeee for the hippy!

Go on, now you say it. Don’t worry, no one else in the room will think you’re weird. They’re probably not even paying attention to you anyway!

It’s an ungodly hour, just about 4:30am. I’m sitting here like a twat at work, with precious little to do. If I’m lucky, I’ll be out of here in less than 3 hours. Here’s hoping I’m lucky.

Mrs. H is visiting her family this weekend, so I’m on my own when I get home, except for my cats. My older ones are fine and can amuse themselves, but my (now 4 month old) kitten is who I feel sorry for. She’s on her own for around 22 hours a day, until I finish work on Tuesday. Hopefully she’s not too depressed by her loneliness.

I’m still quite tired, I didn’t get nearly enough sleep on Saturday. Don’t ask.

The world keeps getting weirder, at least that’s something.

The bombs in Sharm el-Sheik (that’s in Egypt, if you’re an American based hippyfan) were pretty nasty and killed loads of people. Al Qaeda are cunts. These days, every two-bit fanatic claims to be with Al Qaeda. It’s turning into a major franchise, like McDonalds or Krispy Kreme, only with less fatty, deep-fried food.

And hey, you Al Qaeda cunts…! Don’t like being called a cunt. Tough fucking shit. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!

(I am anonymous here online still, aren’t I?)

Damn right, you Al Qaeda cunts, stick a fatwa on me. I laugh at your fatwa. Ha. Ha. Ha.

The police here in London made a bit of a boo-boo, they clipped a young Brazilian man at Stockwell tube station on Friday. Ooooops, I bet they’re red-faced with embarrassment.

Here’s the thing: In London, the police rarely carry guns and rarely do they shoot anyone, guilty or otherwise. It’s very uncommon here. Extremely uncommon….unheard of really. That might seem strange to you, but that’s how things work here in Blighty.

I know I’m being a bit flippant and I do really feel badly for the dead Brazilian man and his family, but…

If you haven’t read a detailed report on what happened to this guy, I’ll attempt to explain. Following the deadly attacks on the transport network in London on 7/7, the police have been on the highest state of alert possible. The attempt on 21/7, which failed, made the cops even twitchier. That’s the context. Now, let’s flash forward to Friday.

Some armed, undercover police had a block of flats in south London under surveillance. A man emerged from the building and the cops followed him onto a bus. I’m sure they could tell he was foreign, though unlikely they could surmise his nationality. Crucially, he was wearing a heavy jacket on a hot summer’s day. That, from what I can tell, more than anything else was what made his behaviour particularly alarming. Heavy jackets are known for concealing suicide bomb-belts and vests.

The police followed him to Stockwell tube and while outside, the police told him to stop. He didn’t, instead he vaulted over the ticket barrier, with the coppers in hot pursuit. He made it as far as a waiting tube train on the platform, but tripped as he got on and he ended up flat on his belly. The police executed him with five head shots, at very close range.

Sorry if you disagree of my usage of the word “executed”, but that’s how I see it.

The police had to make a snap decision, one I would not want to make myself. As they thought he might be a suicide bomber, they didn’t take any chances. Were they right? In hindsight no, of course not, but then who ever is? I think they did the only thing they could do, which is not take any chances and risk any civilian lives.

The police involved will now be investigated and there is a chance they will be found guilty of wrongful killing or some such Orwellian description for their actions. I hope this doesn’t happen, as it will inspire other policeman to refuse to carry weapons. I hope the Met backs that up to the hilt and makes sure what they did is deemed to be lawful. Here’s hoping, eh?

But what about the Brazilian guy? Why did he run? The cops identified themselves and he was apparently a fluent English speaker. A colleague of mine at work has a theory that he might have had some drugs on him. This is London, most people do! Perhaps he thought it was a bust and panicked. I hope not.

Spliff is good, it’s god’s gift to my lungs, but fuck me it’s not worth dying for, is it!

Perhaps he was in the country illegally and he thought they were immigration officers. We’ll never know.

God, it’s all so mind numbingly depressing. I’m becoming an old fart who says things like “remember the days before London was a killing zone.” How dull.

I’m not one of those people who think things were better in the good old days. That’s nonsense and you know it. Life is change, change is good, very good really. If everything stayed the same, think how boring the world would be.

Ok, I’m sure some of you will take exception to that. How can I say all change is good, when the recent changes include bombs on the Underground and innocent Brazilians being executed. I don’t think those things are good either. So I am talking crap.

But wait, what makes us special, what makes us cool is our ability to cope with and accommodate change. The world will keep changing, as long as we can adapt to it, we’ll always be fine.

I’m adapting already. You won’t see me on the tube with backpack slung over my shoulder, ever again!
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