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Friday, August 26, 2005

I got 'em and you all want them because they are so fucking desirable! Click here for the great northlondonhippy Gmail give-away!

This is going to be one fast entry. I'm still at work, though my eyes are staring longingly at the door. It's been a fiddly night, bitty as my colleagues say, with lots of annoying crap interspersed with moments of true journalistic genius.

Maybe not.

A slew of dead people in a fire in Paris certainly woke us all up. Dead people always make my work-life busier. Could you try not to die so often, please? Live long and make my life duller!

I'm doing the Gmail give-away thing again. Why not? I've still got loads of invites. Every time I send some out, they just reset the counter to 50, so why don't you take advantage of my generosity? There are no strings, I don't expect money or sex or drugs.

Well, I always expect drugs, but I don't know how you can email them to me. Once I figure that out, man oh man, you can send me all your best stuff!

You have no idea how tired I am. How could you? I've been awake since around 10:30am on Thursday. As I type this, it is nearly 7am, by the time I get home and go to bed, I will have been awake for 22 hours.

Don't envy for my glamorous media lifestyle, envy me because I exist on little or no sleep and still perform like a total pro. Damn, I'm good!

I told you this was going to be a quick one, fuckers. See, that was goddamn fast!
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