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Sunday, August 21, 2005

If I was any more fucked this evening, I’d be a three-dollar hooker in a seaport, when all the ships sailed in on payday. I’m royally fucked raw.

I didn’t get enough sleep today, or yesterday, which is not good. Thankfully, it’s my last night of this run. Come tomorrow morning and I can lie down and die. If only! I’m exhausted!

I’ve still got 10 glorious hours remaining and I’ve already been here for two. Yawn.

How about I just drone on about how fucked I am? That will make for some stimulating and exciting reading for all of you!

So what if I work too much, at least I don’t work too hard. I would work hard, given the chance, but the demands of my job haven’t been that bad lately. I get the occasional night where I might break a wee sweat, but for the most part, it’s very manageable.

It’s nowhere near as intense as my previous position, but I left that gig around 2 years ago. Why can’t people just give me free money and lots of it? Wouldn’t that be better for everyone?

It’s like I would waste all the free money you give me on drugs. Only some of it. Ok, most of it, but I would buy food and electronic goods too!

Right now, I’d trade tonight’s pay for a good night’s sleep. If only you could purchase rest at the shop. What I need are some of these new smartdrugs that they’ve developed. There’s one I read about recently which keeps you awake and alert, without feeling speedy. Sounds good to me.

See, that’s the thing, if they come up with some artificial, chemically engineered compound, that’s a smartdrug. If nature provides you with a plant that you can eat or smoke, they call that a bad drug. The world is well and truly fucked!

I didn’t mention it the other day, but Mo Mowlam passed away. If you don’t know who she is, that’s ok, she’s really only well known here in the UK. She was an MP and at one point was in charge of Northern Ireland. She’d survived a nasty brain tumour, but in the end, didn’t make it. She took a fall a few weeks ago and never recovered.

Mo Mowlam was one of the most popular politicians in this country, much more so than Tony Blair and his little band of losers. She was in Blair’s Labour party, but had a falling out with Tony and left government. She then gave up her seat in parliament.

I had the pleasure of being in Ms. Mowlam’s company, through my work, a few years back when she was the Northern Ireland secretary. I was covering the UK at the time, for my previous employers. I attended a couple of press briefings and a news conference with her and was impressed with her. She was sharp as fuck, humorous and very good at dealing with the press. I liked her even more after that.

At a Labour party conference, a few years back, she got a standing ovation. What made this particularly noteworthy is that it happened during Tony Blair’s flagship speech. Quite frankly, she was too popular and that played a huge part in her undoing.

I mention her for 2 reasons, one as a little mini-tribute from this hippy, but also because prior to her death, she was working on a book. This book could be very important because of its subject matter. Ms. Mowlam is posthumously calling for the LEGALISATION OF ALL DRUGS!

She always had strong opinions on drugs and was the first cabinet minister in the UK to admit to smoking weed. And unlike Big Bill Clinton, she wasn’t afraid to inhale (or at least admit to it!).

Ms. Mowlam’s husband says he will complete the book and ready it for publication at some point in the near future. I can’t promise it will change the tone of the debate on drugs, but Mo Mowlam was very well respected and known for her intellect. Perhaps this might open the debate up even more!

Goodbye Mo, you were a true original and will be missed by many people. If there’s a public memorial for you, this hippy would be tempted to attend.

See, it’s not all doom and gloom with the hippy. Sometimes, I do give a shit about real things. Now if only I could have a 12 hour nap!
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