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Monday, August 01, 2005

If this blog sucked any more, I’d need knee pads and twenty quid from each and every one of you!

Sure, there’s laughs, jokes aplenty and me, the real attraction, but I don’t think I’m hitting the high notes I used to hit. The hippy is a mad lefty-liberal, with the odd conservative spin. Yes, I love drugs and drugs love me, but is that enough to keep this blog going?

Of course it is, my beloved fuckers! When you come to this blog you expect me to maintain my very high standards of amusement and thought-provoking discourse. I deliver all that in spades.

Maybe this blog doesn’t suck so much after all!

It’s my last night of this run, roll on Monday morning. I’m exhausted tonight, but not for lack of trying to sleep. My scummy neighbours started with the blaring stereo at 9:30am and it continued all day and all night. They are young, probably students and when I get my flame thrower, I’m going to torch all of them, plus their stereo!

Look man, when you work nights, you need to sleep during the day, but you can’t tell people they need to be quiet just for you. It won’t make you very popular with your neighbours. Killing them all is the easier option, but then that’s true of most problems!

I’ve got exciting plans for my 84 hours of freedom this week. I’m going to install the extra RAM in my iBook (est time 5 minutes), I’m going to visit a mate of mine tomorrow morning, who’s SCORED SOME WEED for me. Yippppeee to that fuckers! And I might brave the terrorists and meet my younger for lunch on Wednesday, though we’ve been trying to do this for the last couple of weeks without much success.

If I do make it into central London on Weds, I’m planning a stroll up Charing Cross Road to visit some guitar shops. Why? Simple, I want to buy one of THESE.

Go on, click on the link!

Didn’t bother, then I’ll tell you, it’s a Hofner Travel Guitar. I want one because it is small, portable and well reviewed as very playable with a decent sound. And the best part, they sell for between 75-90 quid. It’s a bargain and a half!

Basically, I want it to practise on and it’s light weight and small size means it will be handy to play. I can sit on the sofa, watch TV and run scales. I could even bring it to work and practise and I could take it away with me on trips. If I can find a small USB adaptor, I’ll pick that up as well, as it would be useful again for travelling.

I’ve also got a stack of books at home for expanding my musical knowledge. Yes, I’m old, but I’d still like to learn more and improve my skills. All I really need is some time, but with the tiny-town guitar, I could make more time.

If I can’t find one at a reasonable price on CC Road, there are several internet options for ordering one. Either way, I’m hoping I’ll have one fairly soon.
If I don’t go into town on Weds, my back-up plan is to shroom my sox off. That is, assuming what I have left has any potency left. It very well could be spent already, but I won’t know until I ingest some.

Either way, I’m going to have some fun on Weds!

I’ve had a chance to peruse some of Monday’s newspapers and the Times is reporting that a third suicide bombing cell is poised to strike, maybe this week. I’m not convinced, but I’m hardly an expert. Actually, I’m probably just hoping their wrong. London’s seen enough fun already this summer. I’ve had enough and so has everyone else.

Ok, maybe this blog has become shit, but you’re all still reading it and for that I thank you. Remember, I’m still “living that hippy life, so you don’t have to!” See ya next time my beloved hippyfans and fuckers!
You are too funny: "If this blog sucked any more, I’d need knee pads and twenty quid from each and every one of you!"

Oh, how I miss London!!!! :)
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