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Sunday, August 28, 2005

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If this blog was a dog, I’d put it down. Where is everyone? What do I have to do to bring you all back? Tell me and I’ll do it twice even!

Time for some hippy honesty. I’m a pseudo-intellectual. I’m reasonably bright, clever and switched-on, but I’m not a true intellectual.

I’ve come to this conclusion after spending some time checking out THIS thought-provoking WEBSITE. is chock full of proper intellectuals, in the classic sense. I’m nothing like them.

They all seem to think they know everything, even the unknowable. That’s not very clever, is it?

I know that my tiny brain will never have the answers to the true mysteries of the universe. No one alive on the planet right now ever will.

There will always be theories and explanations, but you can't prove them in any meaningful way. They all expect one to make a leap of faith, or imagine things that quite frankly don’t really make sense.

Why are we here? How did we get here? Where did the universe come from? Who the fuck knows?

No one. And we never will.

Quantum physics, quarks, strings, wormholes, all that shit may be true, but we’ll never know. No one’s come up with a unifying theory that ties all of Einstein’s ideas together into one seamless system for explaining everything.

Our brains are too small, we’re no where near as clever as we think we are. Most of you haven’t even figured out how insignificant we are. Trust me, in the scheme of the universe, we’re all nothing but bits of flecks of dust. We’re barely even that.

If planet Earth went pop tomorrow, what difference would it make to anything? Sure, we’d all be gone, but so what? Do we actually contribute anything to the universe. Of course we don’t.

We part of the flora and fauna, we’re no better than the termites nibbling away at the frame of your house. Actually, we’re worse, because we’re chewing up our own home and spitting it out with alarming speed.

We think we matter. We think we count. We think we’re special. We’re about as deluded as we can be.

The lies we tell ourselves are worse than any of the lies forced down our throats by our governments and the media.

Ok, who’s depressed now? I mean besides me. Fuckin’ hell, I need to chill out.

Sorry for the mad existentialist rant, but I’m a bit down. I’m pissed off at work and very overtired. In my world at the moment, there never seems to be enough sleep.

It doesn’t matter, if you made it this far, I’ve managed to waste a couple of minutes of your otherwise bleak and dreary existences.

And those minutes I just wasted for you, you’ll never get them back.
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