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Monday, August 15, 2005

It’s Sunday night, closer to Monday morning. This hippy is at work, where the pace has been far faster than it has been all weekend. Blame events around the world, lord knows that’s what I’m doing.

A scary plane crash in Greece, VJ day in Japan, nearly a constitution in Iraq and Israel’s about to evict loads of settlers from Gaza – that’s enough to keep any hippy busy.

The plane crash is particularly frightening. Before I went to sleep on Sunday morning, I was watching the news (shocking I know) and it flashed up that the plane, first was in trouble, then crashed. And then there were reports that military jets that intercepted the plane observed no pilot in the cockpit and the co-pilot slumped over in his seat. Yikes!

The theory is that the aircraft somehow lost pressure and oxygen. I HATE flying!

If you want to stay safe, stay home!

Enough about what I’m up to at work. Who really gives a shit? I barely do myself.

The best thing about tonight is it is my last night of this run. Come Monday morning, I’m free for another 84 glorious hours. How many people do you know, keep track of their time off in hours?

If you are normal (and lord I hope you’re not!), you probably work Monday through Friday and get weekends off. No way am I normal and I’m working something like 5 weekends in a row! Yikes!

Don’t envy me for my glamorous media lifestyle, envy me because I have 84 hours off this week! Yippppeee for the hippy!

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a northlondonhippy podcast. Would you download it? Would you listen to it on your way to work on your ultra-cool iPOD (or other branded MP3 player?) Of course you would!

But would I have enough to fill even ten minutes a week with high quality content? And would I have the time? Doubtful on both counts. I’ll think about it some more!

Sometimes, my plans and expectations exceed my abilities. Certainly, I never have enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.

You know, I don’t think this blog sucks as much as it has done recently. It’s sucking far less, can you tell? Of course you can! I’m back on my game and you’re all digging it big style!

I’m going to go back to doing whatever it is I do here at work. In the next day or so, I’m hoping to share some good news with you all!
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