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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What a weird time to be blogging, but then when your life is always weird, no individual action should stand out. Maybe it’s not so weird for me after all.

It’s unusual for me to be doing it at this time, from home. Since I finished work on Monday morning, I’ve done nothing but sleep mainly. I’ll probably go back to bed soon for a little more of what I require.

I slept for 5 hours during the day yesterday, between 2pm and 7pm. I then slept some more between 10pm-1am on the sofa and then I went to bed until about 5am. That’s 12 hours of sleep all told and I still don’t feel 100% rested.

Is my work schedule this month turning into slow suicide? Keep watching for that hippy death announcement to find out!

Yeah, I’m overdoing it. You’re right, this hippy is getting old and can’t take it like I used to! It didn’t help that I did not get enough sleep for my last 2 shifts. I reckon I’ll be just about recovered in time to do my last four starting on Thursday night, so I can fuck myself up yet again!

The main reason I was inspired to log in and blog on is down to two articles I spied in this morning’s Times.

The first one, which I will handily provide a link to RIGHT HERE, concerns a new drug that combats overtiredness.

I mentioned this drug in my blog recently, like in the last entry or so, which made it odd that I saw this very report. Also, at the moment, as a shift worker who’s feeling shifted-out, I’d fucking like some!

The other story concerns a longish sequence in my last entry regarding licensing laws here in the UK. Here’s ANOTHER ONE OF MY HAND LINKS to the original Times report.

Since I went on and on about it the other day, I thought I’d spare you any more of “my special brand of drivel on the subject”.

But it goes to show you that I have my fingers on the pulse of modern society and you can get the drug news that matters most, here, where it counts the most!

Don’t think booze is a drug? Then you are deluded and can kiss my hippy-ass. Alcohol is the drug that society wants you to kill yourself on. If you don’t, they lose out on a lot of tax revenue.

All your favourite drugs are sold untaxed and your government and mine are losing out on lots of money! Think of all the really cool weapons and wars it could fund!

And just to round off my links to topics I’ve previously written about recently, HERE'S A LINK to an article that goes into great detail about Mo Mowlam’s forthcoming, posthumous book on legalising drugs. It’s from a couple of days ago in the Times, which is where I originally read it.

And with that, I’m going to stumble back up to bed and give my pillows a big cuddle. Catch ya later, my well informed fuckers and hippyfans alike!
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