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Saturday, August 27, 2005

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Ok, it’s the middle of the night. Shit, scratch that, it’s the cusp of the morning. As I type this it’s 04:50am London time. I bet most of you are asleep, which is where I wish I was right now.

Dull does not even begin to describe my night. I’ve done less than nothing since I arrived and that doesn’t look set to change any time soon. I’ve still got over 2 hours to go.

And that ends the bit where I moan about work.

When you’re a wage slave, and I imagine most of us are, you have to do something for your dosh. As one of my colleagues pointed out, there are worse things I could be doing. What could be worse than throwing my life away one minute at a time?

I’m not actually that down right now, don’t let the cheap jokes fool ya!

In truth, my life is not that bad. It sure could be a lot worse. Let’s not tempt fate.

I’ve got 2 more nights in this run, then a one off this Thursday and then that’s it for a week and half or so. I can have a breather; I can catch up on my sleep. Maybe I could even have some fun.

Now that last bit is probably too much to hope for…but sometimes we all have to live in hope.

Ok, enough of my pseudo whinging. Please resume your normal lives, this hippy is finished for the night.
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