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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Gmail? Gmail! You know you want one!

I'm back, but I'll be really brief.

Just in case anyone doubted what I said in my previous posting about Iraq and Saddam, here's an article from Thursday's Times (of London) which is headlined "This is ten times worse than under Saddam".

Read what Baghdad residents have to say about the big, giant, steaming mess that is Iraq today and then see how far off this hippy is in his assessment.

It really fucking pisses me off!

Catch ya next time!
Relating to this entry and the previous one. Here here! Well said all round. Its a fucking disaster in Iraq, I feel sorry for the people out there, big time.

If I had to choose between living in a supressed state, with a knob jockey of a leader; and living in a leaderless hell hole where you run the risk of getting your bollocks blown off every time you walk out your house. I know what I'd choose. At least under Saddam you get some piece and quiet.

I was reading something the other day, way back in February or somewhen this year, the US released a document conclusively stating that their extensive search for WMD showed nothing, absolutely nothing credible at all. This document seemed to go quite a bit unnoticed, or left behind very quickly anyway.

I mean seriously, what was it all about? The biggest problem I have with all of this, is the bullshit, it stinks to high heaven. A politician who knowingly lies to the public should get a straight 10 year jail sentence, no appeal, no pass go for 200 quid, fuck it, get them locked up. And a judge could give more if he was in the mood.

There has to be some accountability for doing the 'wrong' thing, especially when it means thousands die because of your actions.

I would love to zoom 100 years into the future and see what historians make of this shambles, were stuck bang in the middle of a global nightmare right now, its hard to even take it all in.

Jesus, is this my blog or what? You do the talking, I'll do the daily reading.
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