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Friday, September 09, 2005

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Good morning world!

I bet you didn’t expect to be waking up next to me. Next time, don’t drink so much!

I’ve been awake since 7:30am, thanks mainly to a couple of rambunctious cats playing on top of me while I slept. No, that is not a euphemism for the 2 girl special.

Because of my adorable, yet psychotic 5-month-old kitten, I have to keep the cat flap shut or set to entry only most of the time. She is far too young and crazy to go outside now. That means my other 2 cats don’t get to go outside unless I open the flap. It also means I inadvertently trap many neighbourhood cats sneaking around for some food.

It’s constant cat comedy capers ‘round here!

The crazy kitten is fearless and loves to corner fully grown tomcats. They cower away from her; nothing scares her. She’s nuts.

Yesterday morning, she woke Mrs. Hippy and I by scaling the bedroom curtain and tearing half of it down, then dropping on Mrs. H, claws extended, scratching her badly on the arm as she landed.

Everyday is a new adventure!

This morning she was fighting with my older male cat on top of me. He was trying to wake me up anyway to let him out. Sleep didn’t have a chance.

I was going to head into town today, for lunch with my younger brother and a potentially costly visit to the Apple Store on Regent Street, but I feel like shit, so I’m not going. I’m tired.

I want an iPOD NANO! The black one, 4gb, 1,000 songs, impossibly small! Dig it! I want one! Isn’t it time I had my very own iPOD? Of course it is!

What I am going to do today is visit the supermarket a little later. I can’t get out of everything! Besides, I’m sure if the nanos are actually in stock anyway. If I order it online, I can get it engraved for free. Maybe I’ll just order it!

It’s an exciting life I lead, but don’t worry, I’m be stoned for all of it. I might even take something else today, as a little treat. I still have some Kanna Extract that could be fun.

I read an interesting article today, which as a pseudo-intellectual caught my attention. It seems they have found evidence that the human brain is continuing to evolve. You can read it for yourselves RIGHT HERE.

Of course our brains are still evolving! How stupid would you have to be to think that we are as good as it gets! It just goes to show the hubris and blind self-centred silliness still pervades modern thought.

We are a work in progress; we are part of nature; nature is change. Our limited view of the universe is constrained by time; the length of our lives, the duration of recorded fact, the relative recent discoveries in science, the brief time humans have been standing upright. We are so ignorant of everything, yet we create the illusion of knowing it all.

The sum of human knowledge couldn’t fill a thimble in the wider universe. We know so little that in this universal context, we know practically nothing. Why should we be surprised that as a species we are still changing?

Fools, twits and assholes seem to run the world! Put me in charge and watch everyone’s life improve. This hippy won’t lie to you! And all drugs would be legal! And oral sex would be mandatory!!

You only need to look at the gulf coast of America right now to see that we are clueless. The planet has more power over us than we’ll ever have over it, at least until we can control the weather! And stop earthquakes and all the other nature disasters that await us.

Maybe, like you, my beloved hippyfans, we’ve evolved further than the rest of our fellow earthlings. We see things as they really are, not as others wish them to be. Clear vision and honest assessments are what separate us from the rest of the flock!

Here’s another cool thing I caught today. Normally, I don’t plug porn sites, but this one is too clever for words!

In Prague, there is a brothel set up, with cameras all over it, Big Brother style. According to THE SUN newspaper, this place charges 8 pounds (around 14 US dollars) for unlimited sex with the women there.

The catch? It’s all streamed live on THIS SITE, with audio and video in vivid, lurid colour.

And no, I haven’t subscribed and I don’t endorse you subscribing either, but you can if you want. It’s your money!

It’s just a really slick idea that I wish I’d thought of! I bet it makes a fucking fortune from all the unfortunate fucking.

I’d love to sit here and spout my special brand of drivel all day, but my shopping isn’t going to get done magically, is it? Catch ya later my beloved hippyfans and fuckers alike!
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