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Friday, September 30, 2005

When you’re craving a little hippy, there IS only one place on the world-wide-web to come to satisfy that aching, craving, desire…and that’s right the fuck here! If rampant drug use and unnecessary swearing are your thing too, I am the hippy of your dreams!

I’ve got Friday and Saturday nights off! How fucking lucky am I? For the last couple of months, I’ve worked so many weekends that I’ve lost count. I’m back on Sunday night, but so what? I can chill on the nights that matter.

It’s not like I’ve got any plans as such, but it will still be cool to be around. I’m working on scoring some weed from a less than direct source, so that may take up some of my time as well. I’m also hoping my P.E.P. pills can be delivered on Saturday. I might even test drive them, if they do!

Naturally, you’ll get a full report when I do. Legal highs are the future, just as long as we can get cannabis into that category! My goal is to keep you all up-to-date on the latest substances!

I was hoping to have something important or entertaining to share with you. You know, some worthy fact, or joke that would inform or entertain or both.

Guess what? I got nada.

Ok, here’s an old joke:

Did you hear about the guy with the 2-inch cock?

He went home with this woman one night for a little sex and when they undressed, she looked at his teeny weeny and said “Who do you think you’re going to satisfy with that?”

And the guy looked her in the eyes, smiled and said in reply; “me”.

Well, it made me laugh the first time I heard it. What do I know, I laugh at passing funeral processions!

Why does that joke make me think of death? Ummm, I think it’s nearly a year since an old friend of mine, who used to tell it often, died. I mentioned it at the time. He was 50 and a cokehead. He dropped dead of a heart attack suddenly and without warning.

Ho hum.

Stay away from cocaine, fuckers. It’s seriously bad shit. And yes, even though I genuinely believe that, I would still make it legal.

All drugs should be legal! We’re adults, let us decide what we ingest. And give the poor people of Bolivia and Colombia a fighting chance! Let them market their most popular and in-demand product properly! Don’t leave it to nasty, violent criminals and narco-terroristes.

And think of the poor drug mules. Yes, the poor drug mules, who should be pitied and not jailed. It’s only out of desperation that they swallow condoms full of charlie, not greed. And feel sorry for the mules that die because the condoms rupture and they get poisoned. It happens more than you might think. If the mark-up on this shit wasn't so high, people wouldn't be risking their lives to move it around the world!

If coke was legal, it wouldn’t be in the realm of criminals. It would be no different from imported fruit, though it would make you talk utter shit a lot more.

Check out this interesting article from Pravda, of all places.

One man’s banned substance is another man’s cash crop!

Life’s way too short to be dicking around with such silly things. People like to get high, it’s only natural. Why limit your options to just booze? Because it’s legal? That’s not a good enough reason!

When you were a child, did you ever spin around just to feel dizzy, then fall to the ground, laughing? I’m sure you didn’t realise at the time, but what you were doing was altering your state of consciousness. That’s what drugs do.

It’s inherent in the human condition that we seek out ways to fuck with our own minds. Life is bleak and dreary, drugs and alcohol can help to mask or avoid this sad truth. There’s nothing wrong with escaping occasionally into a world where the colours are brighter, the music is crisper and you’re off your face.

It’s a place I aim to be, whenever possible! Next time I’m there, I’ll send you all a postcard from edge!

Like if I get those P.E.P. pills delivered on Saturday, perhaps I’ll do a little blogging while I’m under the influence. You think I talk shit now, wait till I’m herbal-highed up to the gills! Look out, fuckers!
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