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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Yep, here I am. Where the hell else would I be?

Welcome to hippy Tuesday, where all the drugs are free and the women are easy.

Not getting either? Have a word with your dealer and all the women you know! Tell ‘em the hippy says it’s hippy Tuesday, then they’ll start coming across with the goods!

If only life were that simple. Life is rarely simple.

I’m back to work tonight and dreading it. Not because of my job, which I could do standing on my head, in the rain, but because I’m tired already and I’m going to be continuously awake for around 20 more hours!

Don’t envy me for my glamorous media lifestyle; envy me because I’ll probably see an early grave!

I’m really run-down at the moment and I’m not enjoying it. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in weeks. Last night was no exception; I had around 4-5 hours of continuous shut-eye. It’s not enough.

What’s worse is one of my eyes feels like someone put sandpaper in it. I don’t know if I scratched it in my sleep or I have some sort of eye infection, both can feel the same. I’m blind as a fucking bat and this means I can’t put my contact lenses in. That sucks, as I don’t see nearly as well with my eyeglasses.

And yes, I have to drive to work tonight!

My brother returned from the states this morning. I’m waiting for him to come and collect his dog and cat. I don’t know when he is coming, so I can’t climb back into bed for a nap. Unless he comes soon, in which case I can. He won’t come soon!

Don’t worry, this hippy will survive all of this. I’m hardcore!

You may have noticed a new link on my page, to the BOB 2005 awards. Do you wanna know why? Because my entry has been accepted! I’m now officially up for consideration for the “Best blog of the year award”!

I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Ok, I did self-nominate, but only the once. It’s stll an honour to be listed and I would like to thank all the other blogs. And god. And you, my beloved hippyfans, for making this blog the most underground, happening place for free thought on the internet!

Well, it is limited to my free thoughts, though comments, as always are very welcome!

I won’t deny it, I want to win. I also know I don’t have a chance.

I’m sure the judges all possess a keen critical eye and excellent taste, but I know I would be just too controversial a selection. What with all the free thought, rampant drug use and unnecessary swearing, I don’t have a fucking hope in hell!

Who knows, maybe they will surprise me? It could happen! Anything can happen, if you just expect the unexpected!

I’ve put together a small order on EDIT, which I will be placing later this week. In my basket is a bong (which I may delete. Do I really need one?), plus some of the smart drugs I mentioned a couple of entries ago. Specifically the P.E.P. pills (Love and Twisted), plus Divine and Dionysys. Expect full trip reports in the near future. If you want to know more about these cool new, legal pills, scroll down for links to all them, plus a few more!

And you know how I’m always slagging off alcohol as being as nasty drug…? Nastier than most of the illegal ones, for sure! Well, here’s some proof from my favourite newspaper, the Guardian. Women have about a one in three chance of being assaulted when they are drunk!

And they get in more fights and have more troubles with the police than men, all because of booze. Yet booze isn’t just legal, drinking heavily is positively encouraged. I don’t get it, myself. Do you?

When have you ever heard of someone smoking a joint and having a fight? Or doing something violent that involves the police? I’ve had cops tell me they’d rather police an estate with cannabis users than with drunks on it. Weed makes you peaceful, come chill with this hippy sometime!

All this talk about weed makes me think I should spark up a spliff. I don’t go to work for hours yet, so why not?
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