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Friday, October 21, 2005

Hello fuckers! Did ya miss me?

Of course you did, for a day without this hippy is like a day without sunshine!

Well, grab your shades because here I am; ready to rock your motherfucking world!

Dig it, fuckers!

I’ve been a naughty hippy; I haven’t posted anything here in days. Blame my manic approach to anything new. Specifically, I’ve been wrapped up in trying to prep video for my brand new iPod!

Ok, I don’t actually have the iPod yet, but I will soon. I ordered it from the online Apple store on Wednesday. I’m guessing it should be in my hot, sweaty little hands within a fortnight! I can’t wait!

I tried to score one from the Apple store on Regent Street, but they hadn’t received their first shipment yet. I popped in there, ready to spend, but they told me they didn’t expect them to arrive for at least another 10 days. I figured, screw it, I’ll have one delivered. And if you order it online, you can get it engraved. I’m having my “real life” email address etched in the back, for security rather than vanity’s sake.

I went for the 60 gigabyte version, in black. They are pure sex and I’ll be the coolest kid on the block once it arrives. (Eds: Aren’t you the coolest on the block already, anyway?)

I’ve already got my entire music collection ripped into iTunes – nearly 8gb of music. Plus, I’ve managed to encode a few feature films and concerts to playback on the new, video enabled iPod.

I’m assuming if I can get iTunes to play them; they will work on the iPod, but I won’t know for sure until I try. I know video is a bonus feature, but I would like it to work.

I’m becoming a semi-expert in digital video encoding and I’ve done loads of research and experimentation already. Basically, it’s not as easy as it could and should be.

First of all, you need Quicktime 7 Pro, which I have and updated as it can transcode and export anything QT can play into the iPod format. It takes forever, though, around 12-15 hours for a feature length video. I had a couple of films I downloaded on my hard drive and I’ve converted them already.

I’ve also noticed that material already formatted for the iPod is popping up on certain underground download sites. I’m sure that figure will increase as more people start using the new iPods.

I’ve also managed to rip and re-encode one DVD. It wasn’t easy and I’ve tried two different applications to rip it; one worked, one didn’t. The one that didn’t work is called Handbrake, which looks like a good program, but I couldn’t get the files to play. It rips and encodes at the same time and I’m guessing I didn’t do something right.

The program that worked is called “Mac the ripper” and decodes the DVD stream into a Video_TS folder. From there, I used ffmpeg to re-encode it to something that looks good played back on my computer, then used QT7 to make it iPod friendly. All of this took like 20 hours, which is a lot of time to invest and a normal user wouldn’t bother!

I’m not a normal user though, am I? I’m a hippy, with time on my hands!

Besides, you don’t need to sit in front of the computer while all this is happening. You can just start it running and walk away.

But as I’ve said, the real test is whether or not these items play on the iPod. Only time will tell! Please Mister Apple Man, send me my new iPod double-fucking-quick!

I’m at work tonight, making a guest appearance. Then I’m back next week, beginning a run of 12 nights out of 17. It’s going to be heavy duty, but don’t worry. I can take it, I’m fucking hardcore!

Anyway, I’d love to sit here and spout my patented brand of drivel all night, but I’ve got tobacco to smoke and hours to go before I can blast off!

Catch ya next time, fuckers!
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