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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hello world!

I’m just killing some time really. It’s not like I have anything important to share with you.

Unless you think that just my being here is important. And I thought it was only me who believed that rubbish!

Did I win my BOB 2005 award yet?

Well, if not, why not? I fucking deserve one more than some blogger in some shit-assed country with no human rights who is risking their life every day just to share a little truth!

Maybe not, but I do serve my purpose. Whatever that purpose may be. I’m not really sure either. If you figure it out, could you please let me know too?

No, I don’t know what it is exactly I do, but I do know that I do it very, very well!

I’m the blogger you love and maybe lust after just a little bit. I used to be the most shroomtastic stoner on the internet, but not anymore…not since the British gov’t made my beloved magic mushrooms illegal!

I’m still the biggest internet celebrity you’ve never heard of, but not for long…! 2005 is the year of the hippy!

I’m living that hippy life so you don’t have to!

I’m blogging my life away, every night and every day, just for Y-O-U!

You don’t know how goddamn lucky you are!

I’ve just had a spliff that was a 3-way blend of weed, tobacco and the sacred blue lily of the Nile. Nice combo actually, though anything with cannabis rocks my boat.

I still haven’t scored, but not for lack of trying!

There’s a kylie out there with my name on it and soon it will be mine! I’ve got two more options that might yield something in the next day or so.

Cross your fucking fingers fuckers! My stash is lower than I like to see it, with only a few days of heavy smoking between me and a serious draught.

What’s a poor hippy to do? Come ‘round yours and skin up with your stash.

You’d love me as a houseguest! I’d bring cake! And I’d promise not to play too many rounds of pocket pool. At least not when you’re looking!

I’m listening to Mr. Brightside by the Killers. I’m still really digging this album. If you don’t have it, shame on you. It rocks!

With my entire music collection now on my iMac in iTunes, I’m Mister Instant Hippy Juke Box! Now all I need is an iPod.

I know, can you believe I don’t have one? I can’t believe it either.

I’m silly, I keep putting it off as I await the next big announcement from Apple.

There’s one expected next Weds, 12 October. Maybe, just maybe, my friends in Cupertino are about to launch the much anticipated video iPod.

That’s really what I’ve been waiting for. I want something pocket sized that will not only play music, but videos and films. Could that time finally be here? We’ll find out in about six days if I should warm up my VISA card.

Random iTunes! I’m listening to Steely Dan now, Hey Nineteen. The Cuervo Gold, the fine Colombian!

Colombian weed is actually shit! At least it was back in the day, when I used to get it in New York. We called it dirt weed, because it was all brown and dry and tasted like dirt. Sure, it got you high, but so does cleaning fluid.

I prefer organic, hydroponically grown gourmet skunkweed. The Dutch hybrids are the absolute best! Gurgle, drool, gurgle, as Homer Simpson might say!

Sorry, I was playing around with iTunes. The spliff I had, with the extra added ingredient has taken away my attention span and I’m easily distracted. Good drugs should always distract you a little bit or what's the point of taking them?

Robbie Robertson, Somewhere Down the Crazy River! Bet you don’t know that song. It’s wicked good!

I keep rediscovering all sorts of music I haven’t heard in years. I can’t wait till this capability is in my pocket too! I need an iPod, don’t I?

Ok, I give up, I’m going to buy one really soon.
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