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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Holy mother of cunting fuck! Hippy, where have you been?

Nowhere, really, except north London, where I belong. I’ve just been lazy, again.

I’ve not got loads to say, it’s been a pretty taxing week for me. No particular reason, except that life is often a struggle for everyone. How’s that for a cop out?

I’m back to work tonight, which I suppose makes me less lazy in general. It’s been an active night so far and I’ve still got a few hours to go. I can’t wait to get home and sleep, actually. I’m old and getting older and being a creature of the night is taking its toll on me.

I have one interesting thing to share with you all: I tried the P.E.P. Twisted pills on Saturday!

I liked them more than the “Love” version of P.E.P. pills, though they are both similar. The Twisted variety made me feel a bit more monged, kind of like a low-dose shroom trip. It was all very manageable and pleasant and I would definitely do them again. Colours were a little brighter, sounds a bit crisper and my thoughts were slightly skewed as well. Not bad for a fiver!

Actually, I did 3 of them, which is still a bargain at £7.50. I’d really liked to try the Stoned variety next, but they are proving harder to score. Mainly because they keep selling out, but I will find them eventually.

My brand new, black 60gb ipod has been shipped and I’m waiting to receive it. I think it comes from the factory somewhere in the far east, so fuck knows when I’ll actually have it in my sweaty little hands. I can’t wait till it comes!

Anyway, this is a brief hippy blast as I’m still lacking in anything interesting to say. Don’t worry, normal hippy service will resume soon.
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