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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Holy mother of fuck!

I’m really in the mood to swear unnecessarily tonight.

I’m in that sort of a cuntingly wonderful mood…!

How are you guys doing? My beloved hippyfans and fuckers alike! Is life treating you good?

If it were up to this hippy, you’d all win the lottery with 6 numbers plus the bonus ball! Remember, if I’m elected god, all the sex would be easy and all the good drugs would be free!

What about the bad drugs?

I read an interesting article in this week’s Time Out: London on the expected rise in crystal meth usage here. Its big in the states so it only makes sense that its on its way here.

Sorry, no hippylink this time, the story’s not online.

Now as the internet’s number drug user, when this hippy tells you something about a drug, you should really pay attention. Crystal meth is seriously bad shit.

The Japanese invented Crystal methamphetamine in 1919. It was synthesised in a lab from chemicals. That should be your first clue; it’s not natural.

Crystal meth is better known as speed, but you might also know it as crank, ice or tina. Its cheap and relatively easy to produce, which means it doesn’t need to be imported. You can cook it up near the distribution points.

Aside from keeping you awake, its addictive as fuck. It also makes you hypersexual and is apparently responsible for an increase in AIDS infections where it’s popular.

It rots your teeth, makes you forget to eat and runs you right down. Stay awake continuously for a week or two and see how you feel. When you crash, you come down hard and what follows is the deepest depression possible.

You know I don’t bullshit about drugs; I only speak the truth. Some drugs, like spliff, I adore. This one, however is best avoided at all costs.

Stay away from it kids, there’s better ways to get high!

Change up!

I never thought I’d ever see this in my lifetime, but the Catholic Church has admitted that not everything in the bible is true.

Those of us with a modicum of intelligence could have told you this. I’m still impressed as it means the next logical step for the Pope is to admit that god doesn’t exist. Perhaps that will come next year.

Sorry, if you believe in god. Really, sorry! There’s no Santa Claus either. Or Tooth Fairy. I’m shattering all the myths tonight!

And to round out this rambling entry, I want to mention an idea so simple, you’ll wish you thought of it yourself.

A university student set up the Million Dollar Home Page and he’s already banked £150K at it. Not bad for a month’s work.

It’s such a simple concept. He’s selling 10 x 10 pixel squares (minimum) for 100 US dollars. You can buy more than that, of course, in increments of the same size and use it to advertise anything you like, complete with a link to your site.

Yes, I am tempted to buy a square for this blog. How about a 10 x 10 pixel marijuana leaf with a link to me? One hundred dollars is only about sixty-five quid and the site will stay live for at least 5 years. I could afford that and just think of all the new hippyfans it might bring in! We’ll see.

Anyway, that rounds off another instalment from the internet’s favourite and best loved hippy. Tune in tomorrow for another one of my wild and wacky adventures!
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