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Saturday, October 01, 2005

I miss magic mushrooms! I wish they were still legal and freely available here in the UK.

I say this now as I just watched Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” music video and it made me remember the first time I saw it. That first time, probably right around a year ago was while I was under the influence of shrooms.

Magic mushrooms enhance your senses; they’re heightened to a state of super-reality. Your vision and hearing especially sharpen, with music sounding incredibly crisp and especially dynamic and your eyes reveal a level of detail you would never have imagined possible.

I discovered lots of great new music while shroomed to the gills. American Idiot by Green Day, Hot Fuss by the Killers, Fly or Die by N*E*R*D, Speakerboxx/The Love Below by Outkast; the list is long!

That’s what I think I miss the most about shrooms; getting lost in front of the music video channels for a few hours with my mushroom god! Oh how he must think I’ve abandoned him!

The mushroom god? You really need to catch up on your hippy history!

The mushroom god used to visit me and show me all the amazing sights and sounds when I took them. I even had a special song for him, which doesn’t merit repeating now.

A true hippyfan would see that as a challenge! Google could be your friend on this one! It was just mine!

Speaking of Google, many of my future hippyfans reach me this way. It always astounds me to see what combination of words leads people to this very page.

The best one recently was this: “streets in north London with hookers”.

That information has never been available in my blog, until now!

Seven Sisters Road is a well known spot for street whores, but watch out! The local cops know this too and they’re often out there arresting guys.

I read the papers, OK? I’ve never partaken of that particular north London peculiarity.
I received my P.E.P. pills today, the Love and Twisted kind, three pots of each, with each one containing 2 capsules. They’re legal highs and they are suppose to be good. I don’t know if I’ll sample them today, but I am tempted. If not today, then later in the week.

The problem with good is it won’t pick up the word “P.E.P. with the punctuation and will just see it as “pep”, even with quotation marks. I know this because I searched for them myself.

I’ll still review them anyway, because that’s just the kind of hippy I am!

I also received the Divine pills, which bill themselves as the “ultimate chiller”. Based on the ingredients, which I mostly recognise, I think they will work too. I probably will try these later tonight.

They ran out of the Dionysos, the trippy ones, but they said they would send them to me early next week. Those were the ones I wanted to try the most, but they’ll have to wait!

I also bought THIS BONG. I know I didn’t need to, but it looked very cool and it wasn’t that expensive. I’m going to give it a whirl tonight. It’s very cool, but twice the size of what I was expecting. It’s huge!

It’s got a twist in it, which creates an ice-notch, which is mighty fine. I’ve got some cubes in the deep freeze right now! Yippppeeee!

I’m actually waiting for a phone call, which could mean the weed I am waiting for is ready for collection. This is through a third party, which is never ideal when it comes to a drug deal. It’s always better to make contact directly. That may come after today as I am suppose to meet “the man” himself.

All this is quite local to me, which is a major plus. My last contact just went out of business. I’ve been scoring off him for over 15 years, so this is a bummer of near epic proportions.

His stuff wasn’t cheap, but it was always of the highest quality. I’ll miss what he used to provide for me, consistently and regularly.

This new guy gets very commercial skunkweed, which is not bad, but no where near the quality I’m used to this days. Also, the last time I had something from him, it was seriously under-weight. This time, I’m going to bring my scale with me as a little surprise. The look on his face when I withdraw it from my pocket will tell me just as much as the digital read-out when I drop the bag on it. That should be fun!

I know I’ve said this before, but each time I repeat it, it is with a higher note of desperation. Do you, my beloved hippyfan, have a reliable dope connection in London? How about one of those high-class, delivery companies? That would really be ideal!

I am in need of a brand new, high end, cannabis contact. If you could help me with this, you would be doing this hippy a huge favour! I’m a great customer, actually. Regular and prolific, I like to buy a reasonable amount when I shop. Your dealer would thank you for introducing them to someone as cool as me!

Go on, you know it makes sense!
go and get some mushrooms. they are free and there are fields full of them drying on their stalks not 10 miles from where you are as for cannabis we is on it.
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