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Saturday, October 08, 2005

It’s that time again, folks. The hour of the hippy is here!

Though if I spend an hour writing this interminable drivel, there must be something wrong with me…!

There’s lots wrong with me, but you all know that already or you wouldn’t keep coming back for more, more, MORE!

I am work, it’s around 4:30am London time. It’s easy money Friday or rather, Saturday now. I could be having more fun, I suppose, but I’m not complaining too much. There’s no point, since no one would pay attention anyway…

Except you, of course! And what can you do to fix or improve my life? Unless you’ve got heaps of cash or good drugs you’d like to give me, I expect there’s precious little you could actually do for me.

That’s ok, I don’t expect much from my hippyfans, except their rapt attention to every word I write!

There’s one particularly obsessive new hippyfan that SpyMeter tells me is trolling through the hippy archive in a very complete sort of way!

You know who you are, oh mystery hippyfan. I hope you’re digging everything I’ve written so far, plus everything to come! And don’t worry, I can’t identify you, but I know you’re there, watching everything I do.

I exist to amuse, inform and entertain so that’s what I’m here for! What is it you’re here for, again?

Keen hippyfans are always welcome to email or leave comments, you know! Go on, stroke my hippy ego! Stroke it! STROKE IT!!

You can’t tell me enough that I’m a genius. Try me and you’d be the first…

…but not the last! My genius will be recognised, at least by me, if no one else.

Don’t you think I need to expand my hippy empire beyond this blog? How about northlondonhippy branded rolling papers and bongs? Wanna invest?

What I really need to be doing is my own overnight radio show. I’m already a night person, so it would be easy for me. And just think of how much fun I’d have! I’d play records, take phone calls, sexually harass my female listeners and smoke copious amounts of skunky bud. You’d tune in, wouldn’t you?

Of course you would! It would be essential listening for one and all!

What I need to do is record a podcast or two and then start sending them out to London-based radio stations. How about “the northlondonhippy – overnight rock show”? It’s got winner written all over it!

No tv though. I can disguise my voice easily enough on radio, but hiding my identity on tv would be nigh impossible, so it has to be radio!

Call me if you’re a programme director here in London and let me sweet talk you into the sort of decision that would make your career! Hire me!

Here’s a thought: I wonder if I have any celebrity hippyfans? I bet I do, since celebs love drugs and a good laugh. This blog’s full of both!

So if you’re famous and you dig my blog, get in touch. I won’t ask you for a celebrity endorsement, but it would be nice to know someone fabulously well-to-do and well known digs the hippy!

I’ve got a feeling your out there, oh celebrity hippfans! Although, it could just be trapped wind.
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