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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I’m alive and well…..

…well, I’m alive, anyway.

And I’m sorry for not posting anything for a couple of days. I’m working too much, too hard and too bad on me. It’s been busy at work, but that’s what happens when a major European country is on fire every night.

I’m referring to France, where they’ve had 12 consecutive nights of unrest with no end in sight.

Here’s the thing: I’m not surprised by any of this. Actually, what surprises me is that is doesn’t happen more often, everywhere.

Every country has an underclass; every society has deprived poor people who feel alienated by society. I’m not suggesting they should all rise up and burn everything, but I do wonder why they don’t go after us “haves” a bit more often.

There’s more of them than there are of us. By “us” of course, I mean people with an income and a stake in society. You can’t be that poor if you’re reading the hippy! After all, you can access the net.

I’m not poor, but I’m not rich either, not by a long shot. Sure, I can afford to buy a video iPod, I can throw stuff into my shopping basket at the supermarket and not worry about the price, but I don’t have a mansion, or a sports car or a yacht. I should though, would you like to buy them for me? Please?

As the gulf between rich and poor widens, the poor are going to wise up. We’re out numbered and as events in Paris show, the police are ineffective in quelling the crowds. Maybe it’s time to coat your car with asbestos or move to the country!

People tell me that France is quite racist when it comes to their immigrant population. I don’t like sweeping generalisations, but there could be some truth in this one. Britain is fairly racist too, and that I’ve seen with my own eyes.

Let’s face facts; we’re all guilty of the sort of casual racism that keeps our differences at the fore. We all notice colour, race and even religion and probably always will, even if we try to pretend not to.

That is, until my hippy-utopia comes, when the inhabitants of planet earth become homogenised into one coffee-coloured race. None of us will be alive to see this happen, but mark my words, it will come. We don’t have a chance of surviving as a race, unless we become unified globally in every conceivable way.

Gosh, this was just going to be a short entry to let all my loyal, beloved hippyfans know I’m still here and look, I got all pseudo-intellectual on your ass. I won’t make a habit of it. We’ll be back on course with handguns, hookers and hard drugs in no time!
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