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Saturday, November 05, 2005

It may have taken me 9 months, but my all-new digital lifestyle is now complete! My brand new, shiny, black, 60gb iPod (with video playback) arrived on Thursday! It is the final piece of my digital jigsaw and now that it is in place, my life is digitally perfect!

The new, 5th generation iPod is pure technological perfection! I am more impressed with it than I expected to be, and I expected to be impressed! The video playback is faultless with a clear, bright, detailed picture. Even Mrs. H was blown away by how good the moving pictures looked!

It also plays music! That’s an understatement, it plays every song I own, nearly 2,000, flawlessly. It is by far, the coolest hand-held gadget available on the planet. I’m very happy!

Happy is a relative concept, naturally and in this context relates to only to my all-new digital lifestyle. I’m at work right now, grooving on some happening hippy tunes! And I’m writing this, and I’m still doing my job to an incredibly high standard. Yes, I am just that goddamn good…

…Except where it comes to blogging, because I’ve been so incredibly lazy this week. I know this is my first entry in days. I suck, well sometimes anyway.

There’s never enough time in the day to do everything I want to do, especially with all the random violence, meaningless sex and high levels of drug consumption involved with being the northlondonhippy. It’s complicated being me…

…but then it’s probably complicated being you too. Its complicated being anyone, everyone!

Tonight begins my run of six shifts in a row. It’s the longest consecutive run I’ve done in ages. Wooo-hooo! At end of it, I only have three nights off to look forward to, which ain’t much.

I’m aiming to have the delayed, yet much anticipated northlondonhippy drug festival, which touch-wood, should start on Thursday evening and continue until Sunday morning, or when I fall into a drug-induced coma, which ever comes first!

Naw, I’m just joshin’ ya, no comas for me, I’m not that lucky! Besides, I’m not messing with anything that hard of heavy. No Class A’s, just Class C actually and some legal goodies.

Speaking of legal goodies, I’ve now tried the three variations of P.E.P. Pills, the Love, Twisted and Stoned versions. I dig them all, but I think the Stoned just about have the edge. They were speedy, but monged me out a little. More field testing is no doubt required!

I’m also planning on finally trying Dionysos, which are capsules filled with ground up seeds containing LSA. I’m hoping they will be fun. A certain helpful hippyfan of mine, who emailed to point out a technical problem with my blog, is certainly looking forward to my review. Soon, my friend, soon!

I’m looking forward to my drug festival, but then I bet you are too! There’s no reason why you can’t play the home version. Just get some drugs, a few nights off and away you go! But if you end up in a drug-induced coma, don’t blame your uncle hippy!

I’m going to party like it’s 1999! How? I’ve invited Prince over to perform at my northlondon lair and I’ve asked him to join me in my time machine. How did you think I would do it? In my head?

Ok, yeah, well, ummmm, it will be in my head actually. I have more fun in my head than most people have in some of London’s finest nightclubs. And the women are easier in my head than any stinking club!

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Thank god, it’s me. If I believed in god, I would send him a thank-you note right now, but I don’t, so I won’t.

Of course, if I were god, I wouldn’t expect anyone’s thanks.

I’m not god and at the rate I’m going, I never will be. ‘Tis a pity, because I’d be a great god. I’d be your favourite god. I’d be the god other god’s aspire to be.

Ok, enough of the god nonsense. Even if I do look like Jesus right now (I really do, long hair, beard, walkin’ on water, etc), I’m not going to ever be god. It’s your loss, fuckers!

Speaking of “your loss”, it looks like the Tory’s are still trying to fuck themselves up. My Tory hero, David Cameron has committed the cardinal sin of speaking about drugs with common sense and now everyone is trying to stitch him up.

Specifically, Mr. Cameron said that MDMA should not be classified in the same league as smack and crack. He’s right and any self-respecting drug-user worth his salt would agree. Cameron’s point is simple, if people know that the gov’t is misrepresenting the truth about some drugs, they will reject what they say about all drugs.

Look, the kids, man, they know that “E” is no where near as nasty as heroin. You know it too, though it may pain you to admit it.

Cameron is a sensible guy when it comes to the one issue I care about. The problem for him is this: drug users aren’t known for voting. And the people that do vote, won’t care if he’s honest about drugs.

This is the thing, Cameron’s enemies have figured out that drugs are his weak spot. He speaks sense, sense scares people.

If Cameron doesn’t get to become the leader of the conservatives, they don’t have a hope in hell of ever getting into power. Then again, if Cameron isn’t made leader, they don’t deserve to be in power. Fucking losers!

Anyway, I think I’ve more than made up for my lack of participation this week, with this informative and entertaining update on the wild, wacky and wonderful world of the northlondonhippy! It’s so damn good, I got a semi-hard-on just re-reading it!

Bet you do too, unless you’re a chick, in which case, you’re dripping!

Hippy, why do you have to get all icky, all the time?
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