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Sunday, December 04, 2005

But are we having fun yet?

I sure am!

It’s Saturday night and I’m quite comfortably desk-bound in my office. I’ve got a few hours left, but I’ve already done everything, short of dotting a few “I’s” and crossing some “T’s”.

Unless something bad happens.

Something bad always happens, but not tonight, oh no! If I close my eyes, my ass is already planted in the driver’s seat of my tiny little Yaris and I’m heading towards my north London lair. Yipppeee to that motherfuckers!

I’m grooving to my brand new 60gb, black iPod (with video) as I write. I’ve switched it to “shuffle” and I’m letting it surprise me with songs from my extensive library of popular music.

I’m digging my iPod, it is extraordinarily cool! I’ve been playing with a function on iTunes, called “smart playlists”, where you set rules and it filters your library accordingly. Suppose you only wanted to hear Led Zepplin songs that you’ve rated 3-stars or above? No problem, it can do that. It can do anything you can think of. It’s fucking cool, but then so am I. It’s a match made in north London!

I’ve got less than four hours left before I can leave and I can’t wait. I’m off for almost precisely 60 hours. Yipppeee fuckers! If I’m not careful, I could end up sleeping through a reasonable amount of that time. I can’t do that, no, no, no!

Instead, when I get home on Sunday, I’m going to neck a couple “Pulsate Chill Pills” and stay up all goddamn day! Triple yipppeee to that! If I can make till midnight on Sunday, I’ll be a happy hippy. It will be party-time, hippy-stylie!

Don’t you party and get wasted on a Sunday morning? Doesn’t everyone? You gotta have your fun where you can, so Sunday morning it is for me.

You didn’t think I was gonna blow my morning in some church, listening to a bunch of fairytale lies, did you? Get real fuckers!

Monday, my plans are far less exciting. I’m doing my taxes. Yawn. I’ve been procrastinating for months and months. And months. And months. You get the idea. My accountant phoned me the other day, he sounded angry. He needs my expenses. Now!

Holy mother of fuck, I suck at grown-up stuff like taxes. Anything admin related, paperwork, forms, etc and I’m useless. Discipline is what I’ve always lacked, when it comes to just about anything!

Blogging is the one thing I seem to actually stick with. I know I haven’t been posting that frequently lately, but I’m still here. I’m informing, I’m entertaining, and I’m changing your goddamn life!

I’ve been researching GPS units and I’ve come to a conclusion. They are essential pieces of kit that every self-respecting driver should own. They’re also much cheaper than they’ve ever been!

The model that seems to be to the best value for money at the moment, on the entry-level end of the scale, is the “TomTom One”, which lists for around £280, but is on sale at Argos for an amazing £223.99, which is the bargain of the fucking century!

The “TomTom One” is very well reviewed and sports the latest in satellite reception technology. If TomTom wanted to send me a free one, just for mentioning it here in the internet’s most popular blog, I wouldn’t refuse. Actually, I’d do a little happy dance if they did!

I’ve got a better chance of sprouting a tail and swinging from a tree with it than I do of getting any free shit from anyone, ever! Go on, prove me wrong!

Perhaps Santa is reading this. He’s gotta get me something for Jesus’s birthday, why not the TomTom One? Here Santa, I’ll make life easier for you. You must have loads to do before the big day. Why not just click HERE.

Life is one long, non-stop rock and roll party and we’re all invited! Yipppeee to that motherfuckers! Let the games begin!

Go on, stay cool, stay high, stay hippyfans eternally!
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