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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Go on, gimme a motherfucking yipppeeee! It's the first one of the goddamn new year!

I'm still the hippy you all love and maybe lust after just a little bit! I am still the biggest internet celebrity you've never heard of...and I stopped being shroomtastic nearly 6 months go! So fucking what?

So I'm still here to entertain, amuse and inform, that's fucking what!

I'm no closer to a final decision on the fate of this blog. Well that's not completely true, I think I've abandoned the idea of a podcast. I tried to do a pilot and it was a piece of shit. I'm easily discouraged, hey ho!

The fact is that I've gotta do something to re-ignite my spark. Anyone got any new drugs? That usually works!

I've pretty much been sticking to spliff lately and nothing more. How dull.

Don't worry, I'll figure out what to do next soon enough.

In the meantime, happy fucking new year! I'm back, I'll be posting again. I'm on the lookout for more drugs.

What more could you devoted hippyfans need?
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